jllw1I have been communicating through images all of my life. I first studied photography in the 8th grade, and have had a camera since then. Many changes have taken place over the years, both in the technology of image capture, and in me. What remains the same, is my love of making images. I am still filled (overflowing!) with joy and enthusiasm when my eye, my heart and the image align. It feels like lighting striking, and sometimes I even do a little dance.

I am currently enrolled in a course of study called “Emerging Media and the Arts” through Empire State College. With each course I have found new fireflies set loose in my brain sparking ideas for creating. It feels as if I have come full circle studying Emerging Media and Performance, which in many ways is built on the foundation of avant-garde/experimental filmmaking, my college major.

I am starting this blog as a requirement for my current course “Digital Media Arts and Technologies” I will be posting some academic assignments, theoretical musings, as well as progress I am making with creative projects and technology.



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