Reflection & Final Project

The process of creating this installation “Ask me…” has been an interesting and rewarding journey. I started with many goals and theories and a desire to learn a new technology. I have learned a lot about the program Isadora and how to trigger images and sound with interaction. I have used the Kinect sensor/camera and have been able to isolate parts of the body for tracking. I have found a surprising satisfaction in calculating mathematical formulas to create an interactive experience. Much of the focus of my project has been on this process and the challenges of bringing to life specific abstract ideas.

I was successful in creating the look and interactions I had envisioned, as well as integrating additional sound elements, after a first run through and peer review. The presentation of the installation helped me learn where I would like to make changes for the next project.

It was necessary for me to give verbal instructions to the interactors- I would have liked to integrate this information into the project to give it a more natural flow. Also, the interaction is “fun” and so special attention needs to be given to this component- especially when working with topics like psychosis. I would also like to improve the physical setting, so the quality of the projection would be better and environment would enhance the interactor’s immersion into the work. This would include better lighting, space clearly marked as “live” action area and props (as Regina suggested).

I am inspired, for my next work, to build on that “ah-ha” moment when the interactor realizes they are in control. That point was very powerful and I would like to use that as an entry point to connect the work to the interactor. I would also like to work towards a clearer narrative.


I have learned so much, and look forward to exploring even more!


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