Putting It All Together

I have added 3 scenes to the initial set-up. Scene one is “Ask me” from the previous post “Rough Draft.”

 Scene 2 -” Redline”, this is a very basic visual composition. The images were provided by a student. A red line moves directly in sync with the interactor’s movement. Creating this was an exploration of the relationship between the real space as seen by the kinect and the space of the frame to be projected. I isolated the kinect points representing, the head, right hand and left hand. This scene uses the head. When the red line moves, images fade in and out with this movement. To create this fading, I used a calculating module to interpret the kinect data, and then scaled it to create the opacity of the projection from 80% to 0%.


Scene 3- “2 Sides” again basic visual design. Here I use the right and left hand sensors to make two images appear and disappear.  (I may not include this in my final presentation.) The user experience is not very satisfying, but I did want to use both hand sensors, and that was successful.

Scene 4 “Razor” I think this is the most interesting visually. It contains 1 still image of an actor, one video loop of same, and a student provided still life of a razor blade. The physical interaction fades the background in and out. The audio loop as well as live audio feed spins the triangle graphic.
Audio loops are selected lines from the play recited by the student actors.
Dec 12  I will set this up for a test run and get some student feed back.

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