Filters, User Actors and Interaction

I have created a user actor that groups settings and filters in one packet for easy duplication. I am using this with the live view Kinect signal to give me a soft mask for the interactive piece of the installation. I am happy with the way it looks and the feel is interesting. There is a slight delay and as you move the image blurs, when you freeze action the image is sharp. It’s hard to explain the feel, but it’s almost like being put back together.

I had some problems with gpu video (using the graphics card to process video) and cpu video (computer to process) filters. The cpu filters were crashing Isadora. I would like to use the kaleidoscope filter, so I will be searching out open source filters this week.


I have isolated one Kinect point (right hand) skelton reader, and next will be exploring positioning of this point as a trigger for video.screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-2-53-15-pm


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