Digital Media Arts and Technologies Project Update

This project began two months ago with an interest in exploring the embodiment of the viewer/audience in an interactive installation. The theme is mental illness and suicide. Images will have been created in collaboration with Suffolk County Community College photography students and faculty. The installation will be presented with a theater production of the play 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane.



Connecting my work to a theoretical frame (in previous assignments), has inspired me to dig deep as an artist and build a foundation and synthesis of current and historical ideas. I will reflect and struggle with incorporating these influences in the next phase of the creation of my project.


Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty for their explanations of phenomenology and the understanding of how we experience ourselves in the world.

Inversen for the concept of the “5th dimension for interaction”;

Aesthetic experience perspective: It aims to create participation, experience, surprise and unexpected discovery in the process of interaction. It stresses the process whereby people “appropriate” technology rather than the mastery of tools. It advocates the concurrent use of both body experience and complex symbol representations and underscores the cognitive skills, emotion value and body capability of the human of active participation. (Xiaob and Yuelin 2014, p.167)

Boal for the perspective of social justice and bringing the audience to a point of decision,then allowing them to work through the solutions.

Dixion for examining the sense of novelty and creativity.


I came to this project with a good base knowledge of image making technology (most of the Adobe Creative Suite programs), and an overview of Isadora. I have made progress towards having the skills and knowledge to create an interactive installation. I have been exploring the Kinect camera as a live input and mixing video and still images. This was more complicated than I had anticipated as I ventured into things beyond the basic tutorials. There is a good user network and forum on the Troikatronix website and I am just beginning to understand the language that they speak there.

The next phase of my project I will need to learn more about triggers and effects to make the live view become interactive and engage the viewer.



Most of my time, so far, has been spent researching theories and learning the technology. I am looking forward to synthesizing this into the installation. This is new ground for me, as my previous creative work has been dependent on tools and technology that I use on a professional level. It is my hope to do more than show off some new tricks. I would like to craft a meaningful experience. I am looking forward to exploring new possibilities and discovering surprises in the process. It is this sense of exploration and surprise that I want to bring to the project.



The biggest challenge I see is engaging the viewer. I don’t want the novelty to get in the way of the experience. I think both, to stay on deadline and be effective, it will be necessary to keep this project simple.


Works Cited

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