Working with Live View Kinect and Video Loops

This set up was more of a challenge for me, without a clear understanding of the code in “Processing” program it took some trial and error to figure out how to make the mask and video appear and work together.

I started using an alpha mask to create the live view image, but that took the information from the gray scale information and would flash in and out. I changed to the Chroma Key filter and used the color intensity to create the mask. This works nicely with the connect because the color image appears when motion is detected.


Next, I wanted to be able to reverse the mask so the image would appear inside the figure. Playing with the Alpha and Inverse setting on the Chroma Key provided the reverse mask.


The biggest challenge was that; I could get the images to appear together, but really struggled with removing the skeleton. When I changed code in the Processing file, Isadora did not recognize the signal at all. I changed color values in the code, which was fun, but not effective. I was almost ready to change direction, but the next morning when I actually took the time to read the code, I saw the answer as plain as day.


It was as simple as changing “true” to “false”!screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-10-32-25-am

I then fed each video output into it’s own projector causing the images to overlap and the video feed through Desaturate filter.

Next I will work on controlling the greyscale image in the reverse mask and changing the figure color from blue and green to white.


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