Framework for Installation

The installation I will be working on is very much inspired by Chris Milk’s work,  The Treachery of Sanctuary .

This Installation will accompany the play 4.48 Psychosis.

The following components will loop and react to the viewer (inter-actor) ;

  • Slides of the student’s interpretation of mental illness will loop full frame on screen.
  • Viewer walks into frame and the Kinect camera transmits a live silhouette in frame on photos.
  • Words (and/or symbolic images) fade in and out in various positions in frame.
  • Movement toward a negative word triggers degeneration of the silhouette. The mask of the silo is reversed so images move from outside the live view to inside the silo mask. The live silo breaks up and falls to bottom of the frame.
  • Movement toward a positive word triggers a regeneration of the live view silo. Images move outside the mask and the mask glows with color.




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