Connecting Kinect for Interaction

This week I am working on connecting the Kinect camera to the computer and importing the image into Isadora. I am using the first two (out of three) tutorials on the Troikatronix web site to set up this up. The Kinect device has 2 cameras one that reads RGB (color) and the other reads infrared. (This device is part of the XBOX gaming system and can be purchased separately). I plan to use the infrared signal for the interactive component in my project. Tutorial #2 explains;

The Xbox Kinect provides positional data on the X, Y, Z coordinates of the following body parts:

  • The head.
  • The neck.
  • The torso.
  • Right and left hips.
  • Right and left knee.
  • Right and left foot, at approximately the ankle.
  • Right and left shoulder.
  • Right and left elbows.
  • Right and left hands, at approximately the wrist. This tracking ability will allow for the live view to activate triggers to the video loops, effects and still images. This will be my next area for exploration.

The installation of the software went fairly smooth, I did miss one “Important!” notation and mistakenly downloaded the most recent version of “Processing”, a free, open-source programming language. The camera was not showing up due to this error. I went back and ran through the process, noticed the error, downloaded the correct version, and the camera was live on the screen!


I am very excited to find the “broadcaster actors” in Isadora that create trails from the image and an effect of gravity. See stage recording 1 below to see my positional data processed. I think further exploration of these “actors” will lead me to the experience and effect I am hoping for!


Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 12.30.58 PM.png


Troikatronix Tutorials;

Isadora Kinect Tracking Tutorial – Part 1 & Part 2

Tutorial 5: Using Effects

Tutorial 6: Value Scaling

and Tutorial 14: Creating Your Own Actors



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