Digital Media Arts and Technologies Project Proposal


My project will be an interactive installation with the theme of mental illness and suicide. Images will be created in collaboration with Suffolk County Community College photography students and the  project will be presented with a theater production, produced by the theater club, of the play 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. There will be counselors available during and after the production as well as conversation with the actors and audience after the performance to debrief and provide resources.

The installation will include digital images, audio and video loops, and live camera combined and projected, to explore the relationship of the individual and their how they experience life with a mental illness. Visually I see many symbolic forces playing outside the human form and then moving into the human pushing outward. The specific forces in this piece will be provided by the student’s visual interpretation of the psychosis. The audio loops will be selected from the play. I will work with the student’s images to visually first breakdown and then build up the live feed video projection. I will also have prints of these images displayed near the projection to be viewed each on their own.

The theoretical influences come from the areas of performance, theater and visual arts. I will seek to apply Augusto Boal’s “Forum Theater.” In this form of theater, the actors bring the narrative to the point of crisis (or decision) and then the spectators become part of the play offering multiple options for resolutions, with the desired outcome of having people envision a future and then creating that future. I would also like to investigate the image as language, investigating what it is the students are saying with the image they create and what the viewer reads.



The challenges that I anticipate would be my lack of experience with the software and my ability to anticipate how it behaves with hardware. I will trouble shoot and have several practice runs. I also realize that collaboration with students can be challenging, I may have to compromise my vision to include their voice. I am choosing this route, in spite of this, to engage the students and have them invested in the subject and empowered by their ability to create positive change through their art.



Camera or Wiii 360 sensor for live feed, Laptop computer, Projector, adaptors for input and software drivers, Screen or screen material, Video camera, Hanging system to display prints, Isadora program, Special effects packets. Most of this I already own or have access to. I may have to purchase some hardware and adaptors my budget will be under $200.

I will use the Isadora (Troikatronix) tutorials and forum to learn how to trigger image response, and look for effects that will create my desired generation/regeneration concept with the live feed video.


TIMELINE     Oct. 5 – Dec. 19, 2016

Oct.5 – Dec. 12 – Practice with Isadora basic skills and concepts. Work out live input sources and research animations and triggers

Oct 12, Oct 17– Video shoot (for loops)

Oct 28– Student’s digital images submitted

Nov. 1- Dec. 12 -Combine images and audio, experiment with projection materials,  gather feedback trouble-shoot technology issues

Dec 12- Final run-through, video installation for presentation on web

Dec. 14- Public performance & exhibition,  record reactions

Dec. 19- Present documented project in Kitely



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