Boal – Theater of The Oppressed

Augusto Boal created The Theater of the Oppressed, in this article he speaks specially about “Forum Theater.” In this form of theater, the actors bring the narrative to the point of crisis (or decision) and then the spectators become part of the play offering multiple options for resolutions. Boal explains his perspective this way;

Some people use this phrase “raise consciousness” to mean you have to grab people by the hair and insist that they look at the “truth.” I am against that. All the participants in a forum session learn something, become more aware of some problems that they did not consider before, because a standard model is challenged and the idea that there are alternatives is clearly demonstrated. We never try to find which solution proposed is the “correct” one. I am against dogmas. I am for people becoming more conscious of the other person’s possibilities. What fascinates me about forum is the transitive character of its pedagogy. (59)

Traditional theater and film, as Boal explains it, (by it’s very nature) is always revealing the past. But a Forum Theater allows people to envision and then create a future. (52)

It is my hope to apply this approach to interactive installation as a means to communicate and explore issues of social justice.


Taussig, M., Schechner, R., & Boal, A. (1990). Boal in Brazil, France, the USA: An Interview with Augusto Boal. TDR (1988-), 34(3), 50-65. doi:1. Retrieved from doi:1








One thought on “Boal – Theater of The Oppressed

  1. I love this approach. People will often reject new perspectives and out of the box ideas, this helps to prime them. What’s even better is it helps them to become more independent thinkers and believers. It doesn’t guarantee that they will see things your way.


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