The Project(s)


I am interested in bringing to life an idea that has been vaguely forming for a long time. I am still not sure the exact form this will take, or exact content, but here is what I do know. It will involve images, projection and interaction. I will need to learn to set up a live camera and use Isadora or a comparable program.

I have several collaboration’s in the works so here are my starting points.

#1.“The triangle”- I am very lucky to be collaborating on a performance piece with 2 accomplished professionals, both are professors and have traveled internationally with their work. Margarita is an actor whose focus is physical theater and social justice activism. Philip is a new media stage designer, and artist. I would like to learn everything I can from this collaboration and peal from the main work an installation piece.

#2.“The club”- I will be working with Suffolk County Community College theater and photo clubs to add images and interaction to a production about mental health for Dec.

#3.“Tunnel of Oppression”- working with a SCCC committee to produce media for The tunnel of oppression presentation on the campus in April.


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